Robson Ranch Texas Lady woodworkers

As most of our residents are aware, Robson Ranch has a state-of-the-art woodworking shop and a very active, growing Woodworking Club. What many may not be aware of is that we have an active group of over 20 lady woodworkers. While any club member has access to the shop whenever it is open, Monday nights are designated as ladies’ night. That usually means it is quieter and less crowded. JoAnn Bostwick is normally there performing the duties of the safety monitor and helping less experienced members get started on whatever projects they may want to build.

Peggy Beyer

The club offers classes from time to time on a variety of topics such as pen-making, inlay techniques, box-making and other basic woodworking skills. The club also has a wide range of experience among its membership and is very fortunate to have some extremely talented craftsmen who are willing to share that expertise with new members.