Baby Boomers at Robson Ranch Texas

One event that veteran Baby Boomers look forward to every year is the progressive social! This year was no different as over 160 Boomers from Robson Ranch Texas  signed up for the blowout event. The planning and logistics were led by Paula Sales and Carol Jankowski. They strategically placed small groups of Boomers at six different host homes for appetizers and then new small groups going to six more different homes for dessert. Newbie Boomers and veteran Boomers were able to renew friendships and meet new Boomer friends.


The grand finale of the evening was the after party held at Jeff and Paula’s home. A new Robson Ranch record for “most number of people in a home at one time” was definitely set! Boomers filled the kitchen, living room, patio, fire pits and the world famous “man cave.” A definite thank you goes out to Paula and Jeff for opening up their home for the after party and to Cheryl Jensen, George and Lois Reinhart, Deb and Larry Nortunen, Becky and Jerry Shamp, John and Lori Humphries, Mark and Joni Kellam, Carol and Ralph Jankowski, Susan Hebert, Bill and Shirley Revering, Monica and Allen Bishop, Scott and Vickie Baker, and Bryce and Diane Hoverter, the appetizer and dessert home hosts!

Author: Dave Parker