Hikers To Help Set New 800 Mile Record

Hikers To Help Set New 800 Mile Record

Is it possible to complete the whole Arizona National Scenic Trail in a day? Not by one individual, but if hundreds of hikers, bikers and equestrian riders travel on every segment of the 800-mile trail on Oct. 12, it can be done. If successful in this effort, it will be the first time a national scenic trail has been completed in 24 hours. A year ago, an effort to complete the entire trail in a day was 94% successful.

The SaddleBrooke Hiking Club is encouraging members to participate in this historic effort on the Oracle Passage. The club will lead two separate groups. Hiking group A will trek four miles round-trip from Webb Road to the American Flag Ranch where they will enjoy a tour of the historic American Flag Ranch House before returning to Webb Road. Hiking group B will cover 8.6 miles from American Flag Ranch trailhead to the Tiger Mine Road trailhead. The groups will join in for a celebration after the hikes, with donations of refreshments appreciated.

Elisabeth Wheeler

Arizona Trail Marker: Photo by Elisabeth Wheeler.

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