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Value From the Ground Up

The Integra® Wall System uses all the same sturdy materials as block construction, but it incorporates considerable improvements that make it even safer, more durable and energy efficient. The result is a more solid, secure and comfortable home that costs much less to heat, cool and maintain.

*The Integra Wall System is not available for the Villa Series

Integra Wall System

Integra Wall System

Energy Efficient

  • Reduced heating and cooling bills.
  • Polyurethane insulation reduces temperature transfer, creating extremely high R-values.
  • Post-tensioned walls reduce flexural cracking and air leaks. Low Maintenance
  • Won’t peel, rot, warp or splinter like conventional construction.
  • Requires less painting and fewer repairs.
  • Saves money on a long-term basis.
  • Termite resistant.
  • Mold, fungus, and water-resistant.
  • Greater fire resistance.
  • Solid Construction.
  • Post-tensioned steel rods reinforce the entire structure, literally from top to bottom.
  • Polyurethane spray-foam insulation helps keep noise and weather out, heating and air-conditioning in.
  • Concrete block is resistant to fire, termites, rot, mold, fungus, and severe weather.
  • Soundproofing that greatly reduces outside noise.
  • Superior strength that withstands extremes of heat and cold without buckling, cracking or melting.

Integra Wall Components

Diagram of Integra Wall

Step 1 – Integra blocks are mortared into place around high-strength steel rods, which are secured to the house foundation.

Step 2 – Polyurethane insulation is installed into the wall interior, allowed to expand, harden and dry. The excess is cut flush to the block.

Step 3 – Once the walls are in place, the steel rods are tensioned to a pre-engineered force of 7400# using impact wrenches and a special Direct Tension Indicator Washer.

Step 4 – The roof beams and framing are attached to the steel rods by means of a top plate and bolted tight, reinforcing structural integrity from top to bottom.

*Information provided by Integra® Wall Systems, an Oldcastle Company.