PCMGA Member/Guest Tourney

Pat Brisnehan and his guest, Vern Voss, were the overall winners of the 2019 PebbleCreek Men’s Golf Association 24th annual Member/Guest tournament. The tourney was held on April 24, 25 and 26 at the East and West courses at Tuscany Falls. Ninety two-man teams competed in a match play format.

There were three groups within each of the five flights. Each group consisted of six teams. Over the three days, every team played against each of the other five teams in their respective group. A point was awarded for each hole won. Highest number of accumulated points for all five matches wins their group.

Group Winners:

Flight A: Group 1, Doug Ginter/Brian Ginter, Group 2, Bob Iverson/Ron Shearer, Group 3, Dean Goupil/Craig McCurdy.

Flight B: Group 4, Roy Bridges/Bart Price, Group 5, Kelly Schunke/Paul Schwartz, Group 6, Clint Hull/Paul Dehlinger.

Flight C: Group 7, Tom Hume/Keegan Schunke, Group 8, John Stergulz/Ryan Roberts, Group 9, Pat Brisnehan/Vern Voss.

Flight D: Group 10, Jim Bundschuh/Michael Bundschuh, Group 11, Les Armstrong/Scott Armstrong, Group 12, Ray Catalano/Mike Mehrer.

Flight E: Group 13, Harry Apodaca/Tim Printz, Group 14, Donald DeCoste/Ash Habach, Group 15, John Angus/Stan Smith.

After all matches were completed, a playoff process using an alternate shot format was used to determine the overall winners. Initially, the three group-winning teams in each flight competed in a two-hole shootout on the front nine of the West course. The winning team from each flight then advanced to the finals to compete in another three-hole shootout to determine the overall winner.

Bob Iverson and Ron Shearer advanced from Flight A. Kelly Schunke and Paul Schwartz advanced from Flight B. Pat Brisnehan and Vern Voss advanced from Flight C. Jim Bundschuh and Michael Bundschuh advanced from Flight D. Harry Apodaca and Tim Printz advanced from Flight E.

The first hole of the finals was played from a distance of 80 yards. The Schunke/Schwartz team made a four and was eliminated. The other four teams made a three and proceeded to a chip off. The Apodaca/Printz team was eliminated in the chip off. The second hole of the finals was played from a distance of 150 yards. The Bundschuh/Bundschuh team made a four and was eliminated.

The final hole was played from a distance of 340 yards. The Iverson/Shearer team drove it into the fairway bunker while the Brisnehan/Voss team striped it down the fairway. Iverson/Shearer hit their second shot slightly over the green, whereas Brisnehan/Voss hit it inside ten feet of the hole. Iverson/Shearer failed to get it up and down and conceded the match.

Congratulations to all the group winners and especially Pat and Vern!

It was an activity-packed three-day event. In addition to the five matches, the players and their guests participated in a putting contest, shopped at the pro shop, enjoyed several meals and drinks and finished with a dinner dance after play was concluded on Friday.

Many thanks to the pro shop staffs and all the volunteers for all their hard work.

Howie Tiger

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