PebbleCreek Rafters run the Colorado

Rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon has long been a bucket list item for Jan Sherwood and she decided that 2016 was the year so she researched rafting companies and encouraged fellow PebbleCreek residents and friends to join her on this great adventure.

John Wesley Powell first challenged the powerful Colorado and explored it through the Grand Canyon in 1869; as recently as 1949, only about 100 people had run the river through the canyon but today thousands repeat the feat every year using a variety of boats, kayaks and rafts. So on May 1 fourteen Creekers and guests along with a dozen other rafters and four guides climbed aboard two motorized pontoon rafts at Lee’s Ferry in Marble Canyon and began a seven day, 188 mile adventure on the rapids-filled river surrounded by the beauty and imposing walls and formations of Marble Canyon and the Grand Canyon. Since many of the rafters enjoy hiking, the river guides, who also enjoy hiking, were able to add an extra dimension by adjusting the trip to include several hikes, including a climb to ancient Nankoweap Granaries used by Native Americans a thousand years ago, the impressive Patio area above Deer Creek Falls, lunch along colorful Havasu Creek and several interesting side canyons and waterfalls.

Although the rafters were on vacation, since the group wanted to include hikes, days began at first light (5:00 a.m.) and everyone enjoyed a hot breakfast before packing up tents and other gear and helping to load the rafts for an 8:00 a.m. departure; at the end of the day camp was established on one of the many sand beaches along the river followed by a social hour and hot meal prepared by the river guide chefs. Camping gear was furnished by the rafting company and many opted to set up tents while others preferred to simply sleep on cots under the stars on the warmer nights. All in all, it was quite a memorable adventure and everyone was impressed by the skill of the guides in navigating the many powerful rapids and enjoyed outstanding scenery, great food and camaraderie and checked off a significant bucket list item. On the final day the rafters enjoyed a short helicopter ride from river level to the Bar 10 Ranch on the north rim followed by a short plane trip back to Marble Canyon or Las Vegas. Although most were somewhat sad that the adventure was over, they were nevertheless glad to get home and enjoy a nice, hot shower.
Author: Lynn Warren