PebbleCreek Tennis Club news

Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility. Billie Jean King – Was she at our mixer last month?

Some big babies escaped the summertime heat in July and August. But some of us like tennis so much we will play in all kinds of weather from 109 in summertime to 33 degree mornings in winter. Check out Clara who loves the heat when she works out with the ball machine. Of course, the best time is early morning or under the lights. Our tennis bags carry cooling scarves and towels, spray bottles with ice cold water, fruit, nuts, sports drinks and electrolyte jelly beans, sunscreen, plus neck warmers and scarves and mittens for winter. No wonder my bag is so heavy. Maybe we are a bit jealous of the snowbirds and look forward to their return.

The Margarita Meltdown on July 29 started out with high hopes for exciting games without serious competition. We were able to play for about 35 minutes before the gusty winds and lightening started. Our hosts and cooks, Jill and Jerry Santy, were prepared with a tasty nacho bar, beverages and great prizes. We huddled under the shelter of umbrellas and managed to enjoy ourselves for several hours while socializing and cooling off as the mist blew our way. Tennis socials are always fun because the participants are great people who love to meet other great people.

We are happy to have three beautifully repaired courts and luxurious new turf at the Tuscany Tennis Complex. Many thanks to the HOA and we promise to take good care of the new surfaces.

Ken continues to be vigilant in replacing broken scorecards and soon we will have new court numbers on the Tuscany side.

Nice job, Ken. We need these numbers!

In September we have a social planned for Friday, September 29 at 5:00 p.m. As always, sign up on the website for the mixers. If you are new to PebbleCreek be sure to go inside the Tuscany Tennis Hut and check out the opportunities for you on the whiteboard and collect a small gift from the welcoming committee. We are always looking for new players for the many tennis groups that play regularly.

As always, check out our tennis website at: http://www.pebblecreektennis.comfor everything you ever wanted to know about our great tennis opportunities!

Author: Susie Anderson