Picklers and Trichicks/AZ Flats combine efforts for Homeless Youth Connection

More than 35 PebbleCreekers participated in the Goodyear Color Dash at the Goodyear Ballpark. Two teams – the PC Picklers and the PC TriChicks/AZ Flats – created a significant PebbleCreek presence at this charity event dressed in tutus and Pickleballs and with posters promoting the teams and the event.

Much fun was had by both teams, before in the making of the tutus and posters and at the event. The only competition between the two teams was in the selection of best costume with the PC Picklers winning over the PC TriChicks/AZ Flats.

Being sprayed with colored powder, dancing to fun tunes and walking/running the 5K route with other members of the Goodyear Community was a worthwhile and rewarding experience and all in the interest of helping those less fortunate.