Quail Creek Putters Do More Than Putt

The Quail Creek Lady Putters are often thought of as a purely fun-loving group, but behind the laughter there are hearts of gold. Over the years the Lady Putters have sponsored two food drives annually to support the Green Valley Amado Community Food Bank. At their Moonlight Madness and Battle of the Sexes events, they have held raffles to raise funds for the Food Bank, blind veterans, and veterans suffering from PTSD. This year raffle proceeds will go to Honor Flight, a program that enables World War II and Korean conflict veterans to go to Washington, DC to see “their” monuments as no cost to the veterans.

Even when they are not laying out their own money, the Putters have been particularly supportive of The Women of Quail Creek. They have allowed TWOQC members to sell event and raffle tickets for their fundraising efforts for scholarships and to raise money for cancer research. Members have purchased TWOQC aprons and totes in support of Genesis House for victims of domestic violence. For the first time, they are supporting TWOQC’s annual baby shower with donations of cash and baby items.

Last fall, the Putters joined forces with the other two female golfing groups at Quail Creek to raise money for the Food Bank, Genesis House, the Angel Heart Pajama Project and Valley Assistance Services.

Having fun and helping others seem to be the hallmark traits of the Putters, along with trying to improve their putting scores, of course.

Peggy McGee

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