Quilt Covey creates quilts for honor flight veterans

The Quilt Covey at Quail Creek held a sewing bee to create quilts for veterans living in southern Arizona who will participate in the upcoming Honor Flight. The Honor Flight program provides WWII and Korean War Veterans the opportunity to see their national memorials in a three day visit to Washington D.C. The cost of their trip is paid by donation and each veteran has a volunteer assigned to them. The trip allows each veteran the opportunity to feel the impact of their service as well as our nation’s gratitude.

Great progress was made at the sewing bee. Teams of two to three members worked to sew the quilts together. Most of the quilts are predominately red, white and blue, but the designs are all different. To get ready for the Saturday sewing bee, over 20 members of the Quilt Covey provided input on the design of the quilts and cut fabric. The Quilt Covey expects to make at least nine quilts for the upcoming Honor Flight.