Rovin’ Pebbles breaks RV Club’s long standing record

After many years of braving all types of weather, two separate January Rovin’ Pebble Rallies survived both 50 mph winds with torrential rain at their White Tanks Impromptu Rally and 33° temperatures at the annual Quartzite, Arizona Rally. In addition, the largest gathering of club membership found 17 RVs circling three campfires all blazing at once to keep the large group warm both in the early morning hours and after dusk.

As usual, the main event was attending the world’s largest RV rally attended by thousands of RV’ers from around the world. Under the big tent, approximately two football fields in length housed anything and everything that an RV’er would want. Example: an around the world tour by RV.

Club members were treated to two evening presentations while circling all three campfires. Ted and Debbie Blane, using their outdoor RV TV, discussed their nearly 12,000 mile 2016 summer travels from PebbleCreek to Alaska and other parts of Canada and northern U.S.A. The trip included crossing water by boat and observing wildlife from the safety of inside their RV. Two additional club members joined Ted and Debbie.

The next evening, Linda Bolon presented everything you ever wanted to know about coyotes with specific reference to urban living with this resilient animal. In her video, we saw how coyotes thrive successfully in the middle of San Francisco and how to co-exist with them in PebbleCreek.

During the rally claims were made that weight gained reached all-time levels. With slow cooked pulled pork and brisket by chefs Stan and Brenda Peterson, biscuits and sausage gravy with eggs by Lou and Carolyn De Carolis, hot dogs cooked over an open fire by all members, desserts galore and all the expected trimmings, no one went home hungry. Each evening everyone was treated to hot buttery popcorn made on site for the presentations and/or happy hour.

The club currently has approximately 85 members and welcomes anyone wanting to join. Our RVs range from 19 to 42 feet in size. Come join us; it’s all about having fun and making life-long friends with PebbleCreek neighbors.
Author: Lou DeCarolis