SaddleBrooke Ranch 2018 Pickleball Festival

Our social and tournament committee led by Gary Grasso put together an extraordinary event for all our members with the fifth annual SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball Festival held April 12, 2018, through April 15, 2018. The festival was open to all members with skill rating levels of 2.0 through 3.5 with events for the following brackets, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. Oh, and of course, the medal round events for each bracket.

The format of play was set up as double elimination, best two out of three games, played to 11, and win by two within each skill rating. Teams with one win move to the consolation bracket, one game, played to 15, and win by two. The top three teams in each bracket advance to the medal rounds. Medal matches were four-game round robin, with each of the three teams playing each other twice. All medal matches played to 15 and win by one.

We had 21 Men’s Doubles teams, 16 Women’s Doubles teams, and 27 Mixed Doubles teams play in this event.

Congratulations to all our members that competed in our festival. Prior to the medal presentation, our members enjoyed a meal prepared by our chef. Turnout for the meal and medal presentations was the largest our association has had. Below we would like to recognize our medal winners.

Women’s Doubles Gold Medal: Rhonda Hayes, Denise Sandoval, Brenda Mills, Anita Zimmerman, Madoka Knight, Deb Lawson, Corine Sturdivant and Susan Ness

Women’s Doubles Silver Medal: Charlotte Eckmeyer, Brenda Pooler, Diane Taylor, Carol Mihal, Cindy Sundquist, Marlene Hardison, Angela Jerman and Debbie McCauley

Women’s Doubles Bronze Medal: Carrie Lawson, Sheryl Hirschfeld, Leslie Grady, Evelyn Silver, Barb Sims, Jean Cheszek, Sally Grasso and Deb Street

Men’s Doubles Gold Medal: Bill Yocum, Jim Stephens, Gary Wilson, Don Schaeffer, Mike Healy and Mark Becker

Men’s Doubles Silver Medal: Don Marsjanik, Ray Schaffer, Jim Grady, Jim Doyle, Tim McCauley and Bruce Deverman

Men’s Doubles Bronze Medal: Phil Shoe, Peter Sundquist, Jeff Pharr, Tom Rodolfo, Norb Weisbeck and Jim Dougherty

Mixed Doubles Gold Medal: Gary Hayes, Rhonda Hayes, Ed Valdez, Leslie Grady, Gary Wilson, Cindy Sundquist, Marv Richter and Corine Sturdivant

Mixed Doubles Silver Medal: Frank Engraff, Denise Sandoval, Terry Zimmerman, Anita Zimmerman, Jim Grady, Madoka Knight, Mike Healy and Susan Ness

Mixed Doubles Bronze Medal: Peter Sundquist, Nancy Rief, Eric Taylor, Diane Taylor, Jim Doyle, Marlene Hardison, Ron Green and Teri Baer

Congratulations to all our medal winners!

Thanks again to our social committee and all the volunteers that helped make our festival a huge success.


Ron Green

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