Active retirement for 55+ seniors in Arizona at SaddleBrooke Ranch

SaddleBrooke Ranch Residents Compete at Professional Pickleball Assoc. Maters Tournament

Several SaddleBrooke Ranch homeowners recently competed at the Professional Pickleball Association Master Tournament held in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Corine Sturdivant, with her partner, received a bronze medal in mixed doubles 3.5, 60+ age group.
  • Joe Campion and Tim Chamberlin received gold in 60+, 3.5 men.
  • Ronda Hays and her partner received bronze in 50+, 4.0 mixed doubles.
  • Beth Chamberlin and her partner earned bronze in 4.5 doubles and silver in 50+, 3.5, with her husband Tim.
  • Rick Heine and his partner received gold in 3.0, -4.0, 70+.
  • Kim Ahlgrim-Heine and Kristi Miller earned gold in the Arizona Open in the 4.0, 50+ doubles.
  • Playing in the Voyager, Ed Valdez and Toni Zoellner won bronze in the 3.0, while Russ Oster and Jim Harrison received the gold in the 3.0.

Congratulations to these active SaddleBrooke Ranch residents!

Written by: Debbie Witten

Pickleball at SaddleBrooke Ranch

Located in the north Tucson area, SaddleBrooke Ranch is an outstanding retirement destination that features impressive amenities and fun clubs for active adults. One of the many amenities within this retirement community is the 24 court Pickleball complex equipped with restrooms, water fountains, benches, and shade.

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