SOT AZ continues to support our local veterans

StanDown: SOT-AZ continues to provide resources to our local veterans, and this month was no exception! In addition to providing our Pinal County StanDown veteran participants with a multitude of services, your generous donations of new socks that accompanied the new shoes overwhelmed our vets.

Honor Flight: SOT-AZ has been financially supporting Honor Flight for the past three years, but 2016 is the first time we have sponsored a local veteran for the annual trip to Washington DC. Casa Grande resident Victoria Rivas, a Marine Veteran of both WWII and the Korean War, now 93 traveled with escort Josie Kakar-Delsi on the three-day journey. They joined 50+ veterans touring the WWII Memorial; Arlington National Cemetery for the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and many other iconic memorials in Washington DC. May we always remember their sacrifices. Our nation is blessed by those like Victoria who step forward when duty calls. Whether they fought on land, sea or air, all our vets contribute to the character and greatness of America. Listen to their stories, and you will know the pains that still remain part of their everyday lives. Even though many of our veterans never received a medal, they are all heroes. We remain struck by the valor, gallantry and sacrifices. May we never forget the price they paid for our freedom. We have included pictures of Victoria’s memorable journey graciously provided by your continued SOT-AZ support.