The Material Girls at Robson Ranch Texas are Busy Sewing Masks

Denton, Texas (April 23, 2020) –The Material Girls, a club at the active adult community of Robson Ranch, is sewing masks for many front-line workers. To date, they have made and donated over 8,000 masks.
Sandi Price, the coordinator for this project, leads a group of 74 volunteers who are mostly Material Girl members.
Her front porch is been deemed “Mask Central”.  Price explains, “This is where volunteers pick up kits, return finished masks and it is also where recipients pick up their allotted masks. We have designated fabric cutters, elastic cutters, sewers, runners and ironers.  I am the washer woman.”  There is no person-to-person contact and the process works smoothly.
So far, the group as donated to  62 organizations, including many nursing and assisted living homes, medical facilities, food banks,  Robson Ranch employees, and even the FBI.  Donations have been as few as 5 masks to as many as 413 masks at a time.
Most of the fabric and thread has been donated from the volunteers’ own supplies, the bulk of it 100% quilting cotton. The elastic is purchased by donations.
The Material Girls Club does not keep any donation money above the expenses. Price says, “It has enabled us to donate $1500 to the Denton County Food Center.”
This type of donation of time, effort and money to good causes is not new to the Material Girls. Last year they donated over 500 items. Among these were 3 quilts that went to deployed military and 15 quilts to children of active duty military who attended a summer camp. The Material Girls also make homemade items for cancer patients, CASA, the Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home, the After Schoolers and Binky Patrol received 31. Material Girls also sent fifty quilts to an orphanage in the mountains of Kenya.
Price says, “Another favorite charity of ours is “Operation Shower”, a national baby shower held yearly for wives of deployed military. Forty each of bibs, quilts, receiving blankets, taggies, bears and burp cloths were donated for a total of 280 items.”
Price adds, “A couple of wonderful things happened to reward us for all of the hard work. An International pharmaceutical company whose employees were working double shifts to get out an important new drug, were so grateful for our masks, they donated $5,000 to our Denton Community food bank. Another international food company who has yummy cookies, donated a large amount of food to the same food bank after we gave them 250 masks.